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Our Warehouse Apprenticeships covers the wide range of activities necessary when working in a fast paced warehouse environment including; taking deliveries, checking for damaged/missing items, storing goods, moving stock by various methods, picking/packing orders, loading goods for dispatch, maintaining stock records and documentation, and cleaning.

Warehouse operatives will be required to safely use a range of equipment, machinery and vehicles, as relevant to their role and setting.

Supply Chain Warehouse Apprenticeship (Level 2)

Designed to develop multiple skills for a fast paced and efficient supply chain and warehouse environment. Typically delivered over 12-15 months, this Apprenticeship covers core knowledge, skills and behaviours

Core Skills

  • Operate and handle equipment safely and efficiently as required for their role
  • Comply with appropriate rules, regulations and processes for safely and efficiently moving, handling, packing and unpacking different item
  • Safely and efficiently load and unload items into and from vehicles, buildings, containers, lift vans, crates and/or boxes
  • Select, prepare and use packaging materials appropriate to the job efficiently
  • Use correct equipment and procedures to record receiving or stowing goods
  • Work effectively in a warehousing team, including when under pressure, and to agreed deadlines
  • Use IT applications and other relevant technology and systems, including warehousing management, data capture, radio and barcoding systems, to ensure the safe and efficient processing of goods

If you’re interested in these qualifications, the next step is to get in touch and we will work out the best package for your organisation.


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