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Billy – Print Finisher, Precision Printing

July 2, 2021

Billy – Print Finisher, Precision Printing

What attracted you to print?
In all honesty before I started working I didn’t pay attention to the world of print. I knew print played a huge part in life but it didn’t cross my mind that someone actually produces all this print! I stumbled into the factory after my brother got me work experience at Precision Printing, the variety of processes and designs really caught my eye and I haven’t looked back since.

How did you come to work in print?
My older brother was a print finisher, He arranged for me to do 2 weeks work experience while I was at school. After I left school I was eager to show my talents and determination in the work place so I applied for a job, had a trial and fell into my career!

What has been your greatest challenge?
I would say versatility has been my greatest challenge while also being my biggest blessing. With a factory having so many different roles it’s easy to push yourself into other paths. I started making tea and coffee, took an apprenticeship in print finishing, pushed myself beyond my duty and now find myself on my 2nd apprenticeship in management while being a factory manager at the age of 24.

What is it you most enjoy about your job?
The feeling of being a part of the company’s success. The nature of print means it’s easy to shine when you put the extra effort in and it never goes unnoticed.

What do you think the benefits of an apprenticeship are over alternative routes?
I think the biggest benefit is the experience and support while you are learning. There is a lot you can pick up from people who have worked in print all their lives and the support from your mentor/tutors mean you do it properly. You really get the best of both worlds.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?
In 10 years I would like to win the lottery and move to a Caribbean island, however, failing that I would like to continue working through the ranks and fill the boots of my superiors. You never know, hard work and persistent learning may allow me that Caribbean luxury.

Would you recommend a print apprenticeship to others?
Without waffling the answer is YES! It’s important not to relate the word ‘apprenticeship’ with low pay. You may not start on the highest salary but your employer will pay you your deserving wage! So work hard and reap the benefits!


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