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Intro to Customer Service 10 October

December 13, 2023

10 October 2024


The key to good customer service is understanding the customer and the communication process.

This one-day workshop will be an interactive way to learn about what makes good (and bad) customer service through considering the psychology of human behaviour, models of communication and the use of empathy.

What will be covered on the course:
  • Reflection on good and bad customer service
  • The realisation that it is impossible to ‘define’ excellent customer service
  • Considerations on how to ‘know and understand’ customers
  • An understanding of different ‘Working Styles’
  • The psychology behind human behaviour and conflict
  • The communication process
  • Listening
  • Different modes of communication
  • Customer complaints
  • Empathy
  • Being positive with procedures
  • Upselling
Who is this course for?
 The course is for anyone that wants to gain a better understanding of communication and enhancing their customer service skills. This can be anyone in a customer facing role, or a supporting role that has to provide “customer service” to other colleagues.
Cost per delegate is £149 for members and £249 for non-members.


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