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BPIF Training is committed to the safeguarding and well-being of all our learners and fully recognise the responsibilities for protecting vulnerable groups. This policy applied to all staff, learners, visitors and volunteers working on behalf, or in conjunction with BPIF Training

There are six main elements to our policy

  1. Ensuring that we operate safer recruitment practices in accordance with the legislative document – Safer Recruitment and Keeping Children Safe in Education (2021)
  2. Raising awareness of safeguarding throughout the organization, achieving commitment to safeguarding vulnerable groups and ensuring that staff are well equipped with the appropriate knowledge and skills to support learners effectively and help keep them safe.
  3. Raising awareness of safeguarding to all of our learners and ensuring that learners who are the most vulnerable are equipped with the skills and knowledge to keep themselves safe
  4. Developing and implementing procedures for raising, recording and investigating any cases or suspected cases of abuse
  5. Identifying procedures for accessing additional support and guidance
  6. Demonstrating how IT usage is monitored

BPIF Training recognise that because of our day to day contact with learners, our staff is well placed to observe the outward signs of abuse and therefore BPIF Training will

  • Establish and maintain an environment where learners feel secure, are encouraged to talk and are listened to
  • Ensure that learners know that there are designated staff within BPIF Training whom they can approach if they are concerned or worried
  • Include opportunities within our ongoing teaching, learning and assessment for learners to develop the skills they need to recognise and stay safe from abuse

The full policy and process can bew viewed below however if you have a safeguarding concern please contact one our our dedicated safeguarding officers:

Andrew Bracey (Designated Safeguarding Officer): [email protected] / 07801981312

Karly Lattimore (Deputy Safeguarding Officer): [email protected] / 07384214536


Please refer to the download below for the full Child Protection and Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults Policy



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