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This policy is designed to ensure that our commitment to meeting and trying to exceed the requirements of funding and inspection bodies is translated into practice.

We are aspiring to being a provider of first choice to employers and learners through our continuous improvement arrangements.

We aim to provide a high-quality experience to our learners, which will enable them to develop and progress beyond BPIF’s programme into sustainable employment and active citizenship.

Our ambitious plans are held to scrutiny by experienced and knowledgeable advisory board members who offer both challenge and support.

In addition to providing good learning and development resources and employing very experienced vocational staff, we work to ensure that the standard of programme delivery continuously improves by monitoring the work we do with a set of quality improvement arrangements – our quality system.

These arrangements are as follows:

  1. We express our commitment in the form of policies and incorporate these policies as part of our overall quality system.
  2. We define, in the form of easily-understood written procedures, the key learning and development processes to ensure effective learning. These include the initial meeting with the learner, initial assessment, individual development planning, reviews and action planning.
  3. We ask our learners to provide feedback on their programme at key stages of their learning and development programme. We use the information to implement improvements where they are practicable.
  4. We conduct surveys of significant stakeholders to find out if they can suggest ways in which our programmes could be improved.
  5. We quality check the main stages of the learner experience to ensure that they are functioning effectively.
  6. We have an annual self-assessment cycle which includes our learners, our staff and other stakeholders. Through this process, we identify our strengths and areas for improvement.
  7. We have a continuous improvement annual cycle.
  8. We have a system of observation, in which staff are observed interacting with learners at key stages of the learners’ development. We support staff by providing feedback and identifying training and development needs. Wherever possible, we ensure that identified training and development is carried out.
  9. We monitor the progression rate of our learners and record their achievements. We look at the trends emerging from the data. If the trends are not improving, we try to find out why and identify remedial actions. We benchmark our performance against similar organisations where possible.

This policy is reviewed annually along with all other policies forming the basis of our quality system




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