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December 20, 2021

What are the priorities (yours and ours) for the UK Printing Industry?

What should Government and Parliament do to help you?

As your trade association, the BPIF wishes to understand what the priorities are for the printing industry over the next few years. Importantly, we want to know what Government should do to ensure that the industry is well-supported, in terms of COVID-19 recovery, the post-Brexit landscape and other business challenges you might face.

It is crucial that our sector has a voice. In the last few years our voice has become louder, stronger and has been heard more than ever by Government. Your input to us really does make a difference.

We have prepared a very short online survey, which should only take around ten minutes to complete. If you have time, we would appreciate any comments you would like to add. Please take the survey by clicking here.

The survey covers matters including energy supply and cost, inflation, minimum wage increases, international trade, staff retention and COVID measures. The BPIF also want to hear about any new and emerging issues which make doing business difficult.

Priorities for Print will be published in the new year and communicated to decision-makers, supported by – COVID regulations permitting – a series of meetings between BPIF members and their local MPs.

BPIF Chief Executive Charles Jarrold said:

“It is crucial that our industry continues to have a voice in the corridors of power.  In the last few years we’ve ensured that Print’s voice is louder, stronger and is being heard more than ever by Government. 

“With new decisions around Brexit and COVID-19 having huge impacts on an almost daily basis, we intend to keep lobbying on these fast-moving issues.

“And with just over two years to go until the predicted next General Election, it’s important to be thinking ahead and influencing early on a whole range of wider business challenges across the entire sector.

“But we need to hear from you to inform our approach, so your input is hugely appreciated.”

Please respond to the survey now. You can be assured, as with all BPIF surveys, of complete confidentiality for your responses.

For any questions, please email Carys Davis, at [email protected].

Thanks in advance for your time and views.



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