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Sam Sharp – Alexir Packaging

February 1, 2023

Name: Sam Sharp

Apprenticeship programme: Pre Press

Employer: Alexir Packaging

Training Coordinator: John Campey

What stage are you at in your apprenticeship journey?

I am currently a year and a half into my apprenticeship course, and I feel I have developed a lot of knowledge the print industry. I am improving my skills and knowledge during this course, and I hope I can complete the apprenticeship early as this is a three year course.

What made you decide to undertake an apprenticeship? How did you come to work in print?

I decided to undertake this apprenticeship as I studied print when I was at college, therefore I wanted to do thiscourse to learn more about the print industry to open more doors for me in the future.

Tell us about some of the key knowledge, skills, and behaviours you have developed since starting your apprenticeship.

Since starting my apprenticeship I have developed my knowledge of digital print in food packaging, what is involved and the various procedures we have to take to produce food packaging. I have learnt new skills in the print industry and how to be efficient when working such as producing printed cartons, cut & crease and finally glue. I have been given training in each sector of producing cartons. In the office I have learnt ways to be efficient when working and how to plan and use my day as best as possible.

Tell us about a typical day at work for you.

A typical day for me at Alexir would be coming in at 9 o’clock, checking through my emails to catch up with anything I have missed. I would look through to see if I need to process any incoming artworks or artworks that are currently in the repro stage and throughout the day I would ask production if they need any help with any current jobs that are live.

What’s the most enjoyable part of your apprenticeship?

The most enjoyable part of my apprenticeship would be helping the production staff where they need help asthis is good for me to learn the production process. I also enjoy problem solving where it is due and this is also a good way of learning. Working as a team I also love as we can all chip in and help each other with good ideas and is a good team effort.

What do you see yourself doing on achievement of your apprenticeship?

Once I have completed this apprenticeship I would like to exceed in my role and go further in the print industry and learn new roles.

Would you recommend apprenticeships in the print industry to others, and what would you tell them about the industry?

Yes, I would recommend apprenticeships in the print industry to others as I feel this is a great opportunity to explore the world of print to really see how everything is produced as most things is produced by a printed process.

What do you think are the benefits of undertaking an apprenticeship?

The benefits of undertaking an apprenticeship is that you can earn while you learn, gain independence andrespect, gain real work experience, improve your employability and to develop your skills.


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