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Sheffield Hallam University: Packaging Professional Degree Apprenticeship

June 21, 2021

David Washington, BPIF Cartons was a member of a scoping group working with The National Skills Council and Sheffield Uni to develop the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviors required for a packaging degree. (BSc)

For many years the packaging industry has lacked the equivalent qualifications as other professionals in the food and drink industry although they are the very markets that we service. Sainsbury’s, M&S, Nestle, Muller, Premier Foods and Unilever along with others were all engaged with the group recognizing the need for such a degree. So, the program was designed by the industry and the supply chain to ensure that there will be a new generation of packaging professionals to innovate packaging, especially given the demands on sustainable packaging solutions required today.

Please find below a PDF flyer from Sheffield University where you can find further information on the degree.


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